Sunday, June 20, 2010

Workshop in Focus: Queer and Feminist Politics, and Jewish Opposition to Zionism

Excerpts from Workshop- Queer and Feminist Politics, and Jewish opposition to zionism from 2010Assembly on Vimeo.

This morning's workshop moved from theory to on-the-ground action.

Brooke Lober began the morning by contextualizing the current work of queer and feminist opposition to Zionism, unpacking the historical constructions of race, gender and sexuality within Judaism. She highlighted the opportunities that we have to separate, or 'delink,' the notions of Judaism and Zionism, via building new personal and collective practices of our identities.

Sue Goldstein detailed the fight that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is mounting in Toronto, Canada. Currently, the crew of Queers is being pushed out from representing their political beliefs by an ever-more corporate, neoliberal, and tourism-centric Pride.

Dunya Alwan presented on the up-to-the-minute organizing efforts of Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT) and a group of guerrilla artists out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and shared on the trans-national efforts of queers in the U.S. and queers in the Middle East to disrupt the presence of Stand With Us, an Israeli propaganda project, that slipped under the door to have a workshop at the US Social Forum.


Marion I. Lipshutz said...

Please stop misusing images from the late 19th century American Jewish labor movement. It is historically inaccurate, as the photographs of the Jews in question are being taken out of context. They were demonstrating on behalf of labor rights in the United States, and in some cases, explicitly in favor of socialism in the United States. They were not expressing their opinions about Israel, which varied.

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